Zerust®  E Folie OPS EU

ZERUST®  EXCOR®  OPS – Outdoor Preservation Shrinkfilm. This is a premium high-strength 200µm, high-performance shrink film with UV stabilizers for 3-year outdoor protection in combination with ZERUST®  EXCOR®  corrosion inhibiting technique.

Zerust®  ICT® 510-OPS Outdoor Preservation VCI Shrink Film shrinks and conforms to objects when heated to repel moisture and contaminants. Zerust VCI saturates the interior of the packaging to protect hard-to-reach spaces and voids from corrosion.

This specially designed VCI shrink film is ideal for lay-up and mothballing of equipment, vehicles and outdoor storage of components. Multiple sheets can be shrank together for any size application such as structures and machinery. Zerust Outdoor Preservation Film protects valuable metal assets and makes them ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed.

ZERUST® /EXCOR®  OPS – Outdoor Preservation Shrinkfilm are available as:
  • Type – E – protection against corrosion damage for ferrous metals, such as iron, steel or cast iron.
  • Type – NE(C) – protection against corrosion damage for non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, brass and bronze.
  • Type A – novel VCI technique which includes special corrosion inhibiting components which offer corrosion protection to almost every single kind of